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The cruise boat Helga is a traditional Finnish churchboat equipped with an electric engine and Viking themed decoration. Helga glides smoothly on the Fjord-like Lake Pitkäjärvi where you can enjoy the surrounding nature, steep and rugged rocks and shore, bird song and the flow of the stream. Lake Pitkäjärvi in Nuuksio was 5000 years ago still a bay of sea where the Vikings sailed to a safe harbor. A very relaxing experience sitting on sheep skins. The Skipper will tell you tales of the Nuuksio nature. We visit Jäniskallio and the rock paintings from the Stone Age, where you can still see a head of a moose on the rock. The painting was found as late as the 1970's. The ancient hunters might also have used the rock as a sacrificing spot and steer moose off the cliff. This summer in 2019 it is also possible to see a nest of osprey on the shore of Lake Pitkäjärvi. Osprey is the largest bird of prey in Finland after eagles.