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Forest dinner at Nuuksio Reindeer Park's Lappish Hut

Welcome to an atmospheric forest dinner at the White Reindeer Lappish hut (Kota) in Nuuksio Reindeer Park on Friday, May 24th, 2024, at 18:30.

Note: This event is already booked, but the dinner can be reserved for another date that suits you. We also offer accommodation at the Karhunpesä log villa, which is located at the same address. Inquiries: sma@sma.fi.

The dinner (or lunch) is private, and billing is based on a minimum of 10 people. The lodge can accommodate a maximum of 30 (-35) diners at a time.

Reindeer bring a touch of northern magic to the dining experience. You can feed the reindeer lichen from the lodge's forest terrace, and our staff will share information about our reindeer.

The Lappish Hut is furnished with rustic wooden tables and benches, with reindeer skins on the benches. Additionally, there is seating around the campfire where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the fire.

Bring your group to savor delicious Finnish flavors at the atmospheric Lappish Hut by the campfire.

Menu Selection: One menu is chosen for the entire group.

Special Dietary Requirements: The food is lactose-free. Special dietary requirements must be communicated at least a week before the event via email: sma@sma.fi.

Drinks: The hut has a liquor license. Bottled spring water will be ready on tables of four. Drink orders must be communicated at least a week before the event via email: sma@sma.fi.

Duration: The event lasts for 2 hours.


Creamy Salmon Soup
Rye Bread, Water
Pancake with Berry Jam
Campfire Coffee


Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
Bread, Water
Sautéed Game with Mashed Potatoes
Lingonberry Compote and Pickles
Mixed Berry Dessert with Caramel Sauce
Campfire Coffee


Smoked Game Soup
Bread, Water
Glow fried Salmon on-site
Root Vegetables
Mixed Berry Dessert with Caramel Sauce
Campfire Coffee

Helsinki Food Weeks Four-Course Special Menu

Wild Mushroom Soup
Finnish Flatbread Fried in Butter,
Tomato-Mozzarella Filling
Smoked Salmon
Baked Potatoes
Crab Tzatziki
Blueberry Pie & Vanilla Sauce
Campfire Coffee


Menu 1, up to 10 people: 820€, additional people: 46€ per person
Menu 2, up to 10 people: 940€, additional people: 58€ per person
Menu 3, up to 10 people: 1080€, additional people: 72€ per person
Menu 4, up to 10 people: 1120€, additional people: 78€ per person

VAT 14% included in the price.

Additional Bookings:
* Accommodation: It is possible to book accommodation at the Karhunpesä log villa along with the lodge dinner. Karhunpesä has three rooms for 2 people each and a loft space for 16 people; a wood-heated sauna and an outdoor hot tub. Inquiries: sma@sma.fi

*Amethyst Pass: For 25€ each, the amethyst pass allows you to dig for a raw Finnish amethyst at the Reindeer Park’s mining shed. The stone comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Arrival Instructions: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/contact-information/

Every dining reservation includes an introduction to and feeding of the reindeer – Experience a touch of northern magic in the Helsinki metropolitan area!